MBD was honored to receive SIX Vertex Awards at the Velocity Conference + Expo in Charlotte, NC this past week. As sponsors of the event, we take great pride in celebrating beautiful packaging artwork from around the globe. It was such an honor to collaborate together, inspire one another, and learn from each other in person after this time apart. We are excited to share with you our winning designs below:

GOLD: 7-Eleven 7-Select Pasta Cups
Using jeweled-tone colors that are consistent with the flavors found in the product category and utilizing product photography and images of the ingredients, the packaging easily conveys the quality and flavor of the each pasta cup. Informational buttons house important preparation and protein details while an Italian flag is used to emphasize the country of origin.


GOLD: Natural Grocers Kombucha
With an emphasis on the flavor, the color placard clearly calls out the variety first, followed by the word Organic and the USDA button. A cute sign in the illustrated background farm scene calls out an important attribute, Non-GMO. And how can we forget the blinking owl, another adorable character to live in the Natural Grocer family of animals.


GOLD: PetSmart Authority Cat Food
Focusing on ingredients, this design lets each pet owner know the exact makeup of their pet’s food. With the benefits of each formulation called out with graphics that support the claim, customers can easily pick the product that best suits their furry friend.


BRONZE: BJ’s Wholesale Club Wellsley Farms Organic Baking Cocoa
MBD designed the Organic Gourmet Baking Cocoa intentionally using darker colors to reflect the product in the bag. These colors combined with a metallic effect and line art illustration mixed with photography were used to highlight the high quality of this gourmet product.


BRONZE: Smart & Final Sun Harvest Coconut Water
The natural and refreshing ingredients of Sun Harvest Coconut Water come to life with the splash photography. The clean, white flood of color helps to emphasize that this product is natural and coming straight from the coconut. Simple color blocking helps the viewer to quickly understand if the water is with or without pulp.


BRONZE: Sprouts Farmers Market Canned Cold Brew Teas
The black swoosh coupled with the bold flavor color create a beautiful sweeping graphic on shelf across the individual cans while the subtle illustration of the tea leaf helps to inform the shopper that it's not a coffee product.


Congratulations to all Vertex Award Winners and those who participated in the competition!