The 5th Annual Vertex Awards, a global package design competition, hosted it’s very first “Pop-Up” awards ceremony in NYC on June 14th, 2018.

MBD was both a proud sponsor and winner at this year’s event including two bronze wins for Wellsley Farms Spices and Natural Grocers Apple Cider Vinegar. Accepting the awards for MBD was Project Manager, Alison Hom and Creative Director, David Ziegler-Voll.

“It’s very exciting to see the hard work that goes into so many facets of a project pay off with this kind of acknowledgement,” said Alison.

The studio featured blown up works from winning entries and very much felt like one was perusing a gallery with some of the best package design in the world.

It’s exciting to see the forward momentum in Private Brand and its effects not just within the realm of Private Brand but also CPG. The winners at this year’s Vertex awards prove that design matters. Long gone are the days of generic Private Brand packaging!

It’s very clear that the future of Private Brand will dutifully continue to push design in ways that resonate and excite consumers. MBD is very proud to be part of this movement in retail and look forward to creating work for future Vertex awards.

For more details, check out the MyPBrand blog about the event.