As we were packing up our booth after the 2019 PLMA show, I found myself reminiscing about all the PLMA shows I’ve been involved with through the years. Turns out, this was my 20th (give or take a few years in the middle). While there are others reading this thinking, 20 years is nothing…, there are many who have been a part of these shows for decades. But there is one thing I’m sure all of us PLMA veterans could agree on. The next generation of PLMA-ers are here, and they are here in force!

Not only did I get to see the old familiar faces at the show, but I saw the younger, enthusiastic generation, ready to take the Private Brand game to yet another level.

This year, MBD supported the PLMA University Outreach Program. We were assigned a student who shadowed our team, spent time at our booth, and had the opportunity to learn from our experience. Our clients who also support this program brought their students by our booth to further their education by discussing how we work collaboratively as true partners.

At MBD, there is always a next generation of creatives ready to learn the wonderful world of Private Brand. MBD has the philosophy of learning from the knowledge of our experienced veterans, while valuing input from junior designers and challenging them to bring their innovative ideas to the table.  As our world and economy continues to change, and the business of which we take great pride in flourishes, we need to continue to encourage the generation ahead to join our “game”!

Through the years, I’ve been witness to the end of “generic”, the rise of “private label”, and today, “own brands”. I truly look forward to the innovative ideas that this next generation will bring to the Private Brands business.