At the end of March, Natural Grocers estimates that they eliminated more than 300 million single-use plastic bags and donated $1 million to food banks!

In 2009, Natural Grocers began an initiative to reduce plastic bag usage and they began offering customers the opportunity to bring their own bag. Each time a costumer did this, Natural Grocers would donate 5 cents to a food bank. Over these last 10 years, Natural Grocers has not only eliminated 300 million bags from the planet, but they have also provided over 4 million meals to people in need.

Earth Day is coming up on April 22, and this month, Natural Grocers is going to double its donation, providing 10 cents to local food banks, each time a customer brings their reusable shopping bag.  Nearly 70 food banks across 19 states benefit from the donations of Natural Grocers.

Additionally, Natural Grocers is celebrating Earth Day by asking customers to participate in an Organic Produce Pledge. Throughout April, shoppers will be asked to never use chemicals that could harm the ladybug, one of nature’s most beneficial insects. For each pledge, Natural Grocers will donate 10 cents to Beyond Pesticides.

We are honored to partner with Natural Grocers as a client, and we are excited to celebrate them this month! Thank you, Natural Grocers, for your commitment to the environment and for the many ways you’ve implemented green practices across all aspects of your business!