MBD recently started working on non-food items for our client, Natural Grocers. Natural Grocers is a specialty retailer of organic and natural products, with over 150 stores in 19 states.

The paper goods design challenge was unique, and we needed to take a different approach. We wanted to leverage the animal character design element as we do with all Natural Grocers items, but we also had to consider the clear film that the product was packaged in and how the placement of imagery and color would translate best to consumers.

Keeping these things in mind, we created an illustration of an elephant that could interact and be playful with the bath tissue, facial tissue, and paper towels. We intentionally left lots of the packaging blank so consumers could easily see the product, and we incorporated the elephant and acacia trees to create an African jungle scene, which was a request from the team at Natural Grocers. Not only did MBD maintain brand integrity, but we also developed a really fun and playful design for this type of product – one that’s not typically described as “fun” when you walk down an aisle of paper goods at the store!