Being a global leader in the convenience store industry, 7-Eleven has recently focused on shifting towards new and unique offerings for each of their stores. Their “Lab Store” in Texas is currently testing multiple new sections offering anything from made-to-order smoothies to fresh bakery items. MBD was tasked with coming up with a design for their new refillable beer and wine station called The Cellar.

When Prohibition ended in 1933, “Tote’m Stores” were one of the first locations to sell quality, ice-cold beer on the go. Hoping to recapture some of this history, 7-Eleven tasked MBD with creating original designs for their craft beer growlers, crowlers and wine bottles using the Tote’m Stores branding.

MBD researched previous Tote’m logos and designs to come up with an updated logo and graphic that would resonate with craft beer and wine drinkers when they came into the store. The result was a new Tote’m lockup that is set up so the middle “t” in TOTE’M acted as a totem within the text. The entire Tote’m brand lockup for the beer includes three unique references to 7-Eleven’s history: the title, an eagle from the top of the original tote’m pole merged with a hop as your main graphic and the number 1927 locked in the 4 corners around the brand name and a graphic calling back to the year 7-Eleven was founded. All of these elements mixed together with a clean and sleek design helps the Tote’m brand jump off the wall and shelves when you enter their craft beer and wine section.

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