This week MBD was honored to receive four Vertex Awards at the My Private Brand Design Summit. As sponsors of the event, we take great pride in celebrating beautiful packaging artwork from around the world. At MBD, we love what we do. We love retailers, branding, and especially the unique and complex world of packaging design. It was inspiring to be apart of the 500+ people who joined the Design Summit these past two days. As the event wrapped up yesterday, our team felt reignited to passionately approach design projects - projects that we will perhaps enter in Vertex Awards IX. But for now, we are excited to share with you our winning designs below:

GOLD 7-Select Loco Rollers, Packaged Goods

SILVER Natural Grocers Aluminum Water Bottles, Beverages: Non-Alcoholic (ready to drink)

BRONZE 7-Select Tuna Meal Kit ,  Packaged Goods