I’m Alison, and I’m addicted to quotes (I’m also a project manager at the Somerville office, but the next few paragraphs are mostly about me being addicted to quotes).

When I was asked to write this month’s blog post and was given the go-ahead to share some inspirational quotes with you all, I had two thoughts: a) Have I died and gone to heaven? And b) How am I ever going to keep this word count down to what I’m allowed?

Our team from MBD is having a great time learning from and collaborating with our retail customers and other industry experts at the Store Brands Summit in Orlando, Florida. Give us a call, and ask about what we’ve learned!


Welcome to our latest location...Burlington, Vermont.
Did you know Vermont does not allow billboard advertising? Instead we used our launch budget on Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.
Our office is inside a refurbished former mill, and it also gives us a strategic start point if we ever need to run off to Canada!


We recently opened our first office in the UK! Set up to help with a recent global client gain, our merry band of four are all incredibly experienced, but not old!
The office is located in West Yorkshire with speedy links to the capital and the continent.
Wall-mounted clocks in the office demonstrate we have round-the-clock coverage – starting in China, continuing in the UK, and finishing in California!

MBD and 3,500 other designers are loving HOW Design Live in Atlanta! Sharing insights and learning from entertaining and amazing talent from Coca Cola's VP of Global Design James Somerville talk about "What Coca-Cola Design Can Learn from The Beatles" to Debbie Millman interviewing famous book cover designer Chip Kidd. An invaluable experience for Maria Dubuc and her team.

Over the course of your career you will create many brands, but the first one is yours. Like it or not, you are a brand. The work you include in your book, the order you place it in, the words you use to describe that work, the clothes you wear for your interview all combine to create a brand impression in the mind of the interviewer. Make sure you are creating a brand that is important to your audience (your future employer).

There are several reasons to enter design competitions — exposure, opportunity, etc. However, one of our main reasons is to give recognition to our internal team as well as our clients that make what we do possible.

This year, MBD won 4 GD USA awards as well as 1 Vertex Award for the following designs...

GDUSA Win: Welch’s Fruit Shots

The growth of Expo West still amazes us! We were so happy to be amongst the 77,000 people that attended this year, and like every year, we left feeling even more excited about where the natural/organic industry is headed.
The booths keep getting better and better…and greener and greener. Plants are making their way into booth designs in very unique ways. Perfect Bar proudly displayed their logo amongst a garden of succulents that was catching everyone’s attention. It’s really cool to watch companies like Perfect Bar continue expand and grow.

We just returned from the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, a show where more than 15,000 people gathered at the Moscone Center to check out the newest trends in specialty food. It was wonderful seeing many of our clients as well as meeting new people.

At every show, we see both food and design trends evolve and this one was no different.


Booths were more creative than ever with lots of vintage couches, succulents, repurposed crates, and twinkle lights strung from corner to corner.

The New Year is often a time of reflection with an opportunity to set goals and resolutions for the year ahead, personally and professionally.

In 2016 MBD is committed to helping employees and their families lead healthier lives by offering several wellbeing initiatives.


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