The growth of Expo West still amazes us! We were so happy to be amongst the 77,000 people that attended this year, and like every year, we left feeling even more excited about where the natural/organic industry is headed.
The booths keep getting better and better…and greener and greener. Plants are making their way into booth designs in very unique ways. Perfect Bar proudly displayed their logo amongst a garden of succulents that was catching everyone’s attention. It’s really cool to watch companies like Perfect Bar continue expand and grow.

Blender bikes were also trendy this year…and our very own Katie experienced one! Save the power and get some exercise before enjoying delicious smoothies! These were a highlight for everyone and definitely attracted crowds.

One of our main reasons for attending Expo West is to support and catch up with our clients.

It’s awesome to hear about successes of the show and reactions to new packaging. We also know it’s hard for them to leave their booths so we are happy to walk the show and report back to them design trends, hot new products and interesting flavor profiles.

Bright colors were displayed across so much packaging. Black appears to be fading away and stark white is pretty sparse as well. Clean, fun and lots of colorful personality seem to be the new “must-haves”. We witnessed coconut oil making its way into just about everything and probiotics are heading in that direction too. So many cool new products out there and the innovation is not slowing down. Not to mention the innovation of the packaging itself!

In addition to walking the show, supporting our clients, meeting with potential clients and absorbing the growth of the industry, we were able to enjoy some of the events during the show as well. The keynotes were insightful, the conferences were eye opening, the concerts brought out unicorns and the yoga was an amazing way to start the days. We made sure to experience everything Expo West has to offer on all levels!

A huge thanks to all for another great year at Expo West! Till next year…