We are excited to announce that Marketing by Design won two Vertex Awards for 2018!

BJ’s Wellsley Farms Packaged Goods Design Winner: For Wellsley Farms Seasoning and Spices, BJ’s needed a compelling design that would work across all seasoning and spices varieties, including organic and non-organic products and a variety of different types of containers. As an added challenge, BJ’s wanted the line to look cohesive, but still have bold differentiation for each product title. All of this was accomplished while still making a bold statement in a small footprint.

Natural Grocers New Brand Design Winner: The label designs for the Natural Grocers’ olive oil and vinegar products makes an impact on shelf and competes well with established national brands in the category. With vivid colors, bold typography and fun and engaging, custom illustrations, Natural Grocer’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil are unique and compelling additions to the Natural Grocer’s line of private label products.